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Eyebrow Embroidery After Care

Permanent or semi-permanent makeup procedure is like a mild wound so treat it with care and keep away from dirt and germs. The adherence of the
color in your skin will depend highly on how you take care of your eyebrow embroidery.

DAY 1 - 24 hour period after the procedure – clean often. The purpose of this is to delay the scabbing and remove the limp that will be forming around
your wound. It is normal for your brows to bleed a little ot have plasma watery substance. It is this watery substance that we want to remove within the 24
hours. Options for cleaning:

a. Use the cotton balls dipped in warm water to wipe your brows so you remove any lymph or crusts that are forming on the surface of the

b. A good alternative to this is use silver colloidal a natural disinfectant. Purchase here

c. Gycerin / green soap and water



  • You need to remove if there are remaining lymph on the eyebrow microblading area after 24 hours. After this time, you are not to wet the brows.
  • During this time your brows will be healing and most likely will scab.
  • No wetting, no soap, no toner. You may shower but you need to protect your brows from wetness. Soap might cause the area to dry too much and might prematurely peel and will result to pigment loss.  
  • Wet includes SWEAT, so keep away from exercise for a week to make sure the surrounding area of your brows are clean all the time.
  • Your eyebrows will look darker immediately after the procedure but it will subside in about 3 days and begin to SCAB.
  • You can bath the rest of your body but avoid the brows.

DAY 4 to 7 – During this time brows may be scabbing. About 90% of people scab.
Pigments normally usually scab after 3-5 days.  Please DO NOT rub, scratch or pull or pick the scabs. If your scabs pre-maturely peel the color will
not stay wasting your time and effort. Allow the scab to flake off naturally.  Scabs do not fall like one big strip of brows. It falls area by area so
expect some to be light already and some to still be dark.

DAY 8 to 14 - It is normal for colors to fade up to 60% the first week.   Yes it will look LIGHT after scabbing. Don't be alarmed, the color will resurface in
about another 2 to 3 weeks. In about a months time, you can already judge what areas adhered well and which areas need retouching.

Things to Remember:
1. It needs to be treated with care and be kept away from dirt and your hands.  
2. Free retouch is recommended after 45 to 60 days.  This is to make sure that the skin underneath is already fully healed.  Some conduct retouch as
early as 30 days but we don't recommend it as it might look that your brows are healed and ready on the outside but it may still be fresh under, ergo
client’s may feel more sensitive to pain. FREE RETOUCH maximum allowed time is up to 120 days only.
3. Expect your brows to swell for a while like maybe an hour to a day. If swelling persists, contact your doctor.
4. The 1st thing you need to remember is DO NOT wet it for 72 hours especially if you have oily skin as moisture dilutes the pigment.
5. An after care cream may be used for dry skinned people to wetness or itching. You can also apply the cream before you take a shower to help protect
the brows form water. After you shower you may apply a little more to last you a day, but if you have oily skin, you can skip reapplication.
6. No swimming, no sauna, no direct sunlight for 2 weeks.
7. No papaya soaps, kojic acids, TONER & bleaching agents on brows?  Bleaching will cause your permanent eyebrow make-up to fade earlier as
the pigment is just right under the epidermis and making the area constantly peel will make the pigment go to the surface sooner.  So it is
recommended not to use bleaching soaps or peeling agents on the eyebrows for it to last longer. Some anti-aging creams promote peeling as well so
you should apply it about 1/4 of an inch away from the brows.
8. NO Makeup while there is still scabbing. Makeup may introduce bacteria and might force peel the scabs. After all the scabs fall off feel free to put
make-up on.
9. Hold off on the waxing and tweezing, dyeing, or electrolysis for 2 weeks on the actual eyebrow embroidery area.  You can maintain the outside of the
brow area with shaving for 2 weeks.


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