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Permanent Makeup Courses

Permanent Makeup Course Permanent Makeup PH


Here are our Permanent Make-up trainings. You may choose from different options provided below so we can give you more information.

All options have the following fee Inclusions:

* HANDS-ON practice on LIVE models, unlike others  that do demonstrations only.

• Depends on your choice of module, you will receive either Eyebrow Microblading, Permanent Makeup, Color Correction & BB Glow Certification from Permanent Makeup Academy PH

• Microblading & Permanent Make up Business Kit: inclusive of machine or tools, Pigments, Needles/cartridge, training skin, before and after procedure numb creams, measuring instruments, after care, cleaning & sanitation materials & all other peripherals and all other materials you need for your client sessions,  help you start your business.

• FREE guided practices with us  even after the class.

• Non-stop coaching and free update trainings and video support


Why choose our company:
1. Training Director has certificates from Singapore, Bangkok, US, Korea and Europe.
2. Company has FDA license to operate.
3. Authorized distributor of Sepia, Mastor, Goochie, Biomaser & Dolly Lashes
4. Full product support.
5. Non-stop coaching and free update trainings.


Module 1: Eyebrow Focused Training

3D & 6D Eyebrow Embroidery Permanent Makeup PH

This 3 day 🌟 EYEBROW MICROBLADING 🌟 course is perfect for those who are starting a career in the permanent makeup industry or for those who want to add permanent makeup services to their beauty services.


We will cover the following:

1. Color Theory

2. Sanitation & Safety

3. Eyebrow measurement & shaping

4. Techniques in implanting pigment into the skin

5. Stranding designs in 3D / 6D or Ombré Powder Look

6. Retention techniques

7. After procedure care


Includes the following:

* a pre-class training video & paper practice

* lecture

* dummy skin practice

* live model/subject practice

* complete products, microblading kit, numb & care creams and other materials needed to successfully run your business

  • Feathering / Stranding Eyebrows in 3D & 6D / Powder / Ombre Brows
  • The training includes proper measurement and designing of eyebrows and the secrets of creating super realistic looking brows.
  • Students will receive our micro-blading / stranding kit. Learn the proper technique of 3HD & 6HD using high quality pigments. Student needs (4) four models for this course.

We have 2 options:


a. Option 1: Purely MANUAL MICROBLADING TOOLS P 28,000

Enroll in this link:

b. Option 2: Combination MANUAL & MACHINE EYEBROW TECHNIQUES P 39,000 (Includes Free BB Glow Training) 

Enroll in this link:


Module 2: Full Permanent Makeup Course

 Full Permanent Makeup Course Permanent Makeup Academy PH

What you will learn in this course:

  • Feathering / Stranding Eyebrows in 3D & 6D
  • Full Eyebrow Shading; Powder/Ombre Brows; Eyeliner
  • Lip line & Full lips
  • Assessing numerous skin types and shades.
  • Simple Correction procedures/Old tattoo correction and camouflage
  • Students will be given a US original BioTouch Mosaic Kit complete with needles, pigments, numb, after care, and other materials & peripherals good for 60 to 70 client sessions
  • The training includes proper measurement and designing of eyebrows, eyeliners and lips.
  • Proper use of microblading tools and products.


Lessons include:


* All Microblading Techniques: Feathering / Hairstrokes, Ombre Powder Brows, Mixed & Combination Technique

* Proper use of microblading tools and products

* Safety, Sanitation, and Sterilization

* Assessing numerous skin types and shades

* Proper after procedure care techniques

* Eyebrow measurement & symmetry



* Machine Based Ombre Eyebrow Technique

* Full Lip Coloration

* Permanent Eyeliner Application

* Solving Lip Shape & Color Issue problems



* Color Theory - Foundation of all Correction.

* Glycolic Acid Based Removal

* Saline Solution Removal

* Color Restoration of discolored tattoos


FREE BB GLOW TRAINING (ampoules & masks not included)

To enroll in our full permanent makeup course, please click this link:


Module 3: Machine Based Permanent Makeup Course

Upgrade to Permanent Makeup Course Permanent Makeup Academy PH

  • Full Eyebrow Shading/Powder Ombre; Eyeliner; Lip line & Full lips; Simple Correction procedures & camouflage
  • Ideal for Eyebrow Embroidery Artists who wants to expand their business by correcting / camouflaging old tattoos and do eyebrow shading, eyeliner & lips.
  • Students will be given a Permanent Makeup Machine Kit. We require all our students to bring (2) two to (3) three models to do a hands-on procedure to complete the course.

What you will learn in this course:

1. Permanent Makeup Machine assembly for correct operation

    Machine parts identification

    Machine positioning and skin support

2. Eye Brow

    Machine-Based Eyebrow Techniques

    Uneven Eyebrow Perfecting Technique

    Preventing color fading and casts

    Techniques for eliminating touch-ups

3. Lip Liner

    Lip color retention

    Lip Design: enlarging or minimizing lip size

    Lip liner and full lip application and differentiation

    Lip pigment retention

4. Eye Liner

    Preventing eyeliner pigment fading and breeding acceptance

    Eye Liner Design: Different thicknesses of eyeliner and tail

    Working with client’s skin type and pigment acceptance

    Preventing eye liner pigment fading and bleeding

 To enroll to this module, please click in the link below:


Hollywood Keratin Lash Lift 

Hollywood Keratin Lashlift Permanent Makeup Academy PH

  • Hollywood Keratin Lash Lift training is a whole day hands on activity on live models that will teach you the latest craze on Keratin Lash Lift with tinting using the best products form the United States and Europe.
  • OPTION 1: Training fee with business package includes a business kit good for (30) thirty clients.
  • OPTION 2: Training fee starter package includes a kit good for about (12) twelve clients or more. 

To enroll in our keratin lash lift classes, click the link below:


Semi Permanent BB Glow / CC Rejuv

Semi Permanent BB Glow Permanent Makeup Academy PH

  • Micro-needling therapy designed for safe and intensive skin whitening treatments.
  • Make glossy skin by using skin color pigment and reduces skin discoloration.
  • Pigment contains stem cell culture ingredients abstracted from Niacin polymide, Albutin, EAA.
  • Effective in skin whitening wrinkle improvement due to Adenosine, Peptide ingredients. Good for (20) twenty clients or more. 

To enroll to our microneedling classes, click the link below: