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Aesthetics Specialist Training

Specialist in Aesthetics Training by the International Education Board of UK

This special training with multiple International Certifications is specially created to help aspiring or existing owners of Day Spas, Skin Care Clinics, Permanent Makeup Studios or Wellness Centers expand their services and give quality care for their future clients.

Training Team is headed by : 
Grand Master Trainer: Kristine Lucas
(International Grandmaster and Head of International Faculty for IEBDAC)




Dr. Janice Castro, MD
Dermatology, NutriDermatology
Lifestyle Medicine


The training heads are assisted by our aesthetic nurses and specialists to provide a more thorough hands-on training for our participants.


Graduates are eligible for certification from:

  1. International Education Board (IEB);
  2. Board of International Examination (BIE); and
  3. Permanent Makeup Academy PH (PMUAPh)

Upon completing training, our new specialists can qualify to take "BIE Examination" and get Silver or Gold Medal upon proving their Merit.  Passing Scores for the exam is 80% but  students who get a percentage score between 80 to 95 will receive Silver Medals and students scoring 96% to 100% will receive Gold Medal. BIE Medals are made up of Pure Silver.

All BIE Examination passers will be eligible to pursue a Diplomate Title and Award.

Awards will be given on Graduation day to be held on 31st March. 2023.


Aesthetics Training Curriculum

Day 1

Theories and Scientific Background

I. Skin / Integumentary System anatomy and Physiology
  • Fitzpatrick and Skin Types
  • Bones on the face
  • Medical Terminologies for the face
II.  Facial Muscular System

III. Lymphatic System

IV. Wound Care

 Skin Care Services

V. Facial Treatment
  • Basic Facial (Cleaning)
  • Facial with Microdermabrasion
  • Facial with 10 in 1 Facial Machine
  • High end HydraFacial Machine



VI. Chemical Peeling

  1. Pre & Post Peel Guidelines
  2. Peel timeline
  3. Contraindications
  4. Chemical Peeling with Microneedling


VII. Warts Cautery


Day 3

Machine Services:

VIII. Cosmetic Lasers

  1. Pico / NDYag technology

                        a.1. Old tattoo removal

                        a.2. Carbon Facial Whitening

                        a.3. Diode / IPL       

IX. Face Lifting

  1. High Intensity Frequency Ultrasound
  2. Exilis for Face


Day 4

X. Slimming Machines
  1. RF/ Cavi
  2. Exilis for Body
  3. EMSculpt
  4. HIFU for Body


Location: Centuria Medical Makati, Manila.

Per Classroom Batch: 5 Students only.

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