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3 Prong Flat Needles (per piece) - permanentmakeupacademyph

3 Prong Flat Needles Biotouch (per piece)

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 3 Prong Flat Needle

Has an additional sleeve which preserves sharpness, In between the needles is space to grasp pigment, for better coating of color. Flat has a finer point which performs better for eyeliner and eye area because there is less trauma to the skin. Skin heals better and locks in more color as a result. More color means less fading!

Flat needles heals much faster which is better used around the eye as it delivers a straight line rather than zig-zag.

Flat needles can also be used for:

  • Outline
  • Brow Feathering
  • Brush Hair Stroke
  • Alignment
  • Fill-in lip shading at a 45º angle.

Lips have different texture than skin, Lips are mucous membrane.


  • #3 Flat Biotouch Prong-Needles
  • Sterilized by Gamma Rays each piece
  • For Single-Use Only

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