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Sepia Dark Brown

Sepia Dark Brown

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Sepia Dark Brown color perfect for eyebrow microblading. Quality and concentration of the pigment allows for very good absorption and adherence partnered with longevity.

Brown is a Fitzpatrick scale 5 brown color.

Sepia Eyebrow Microblading and Permanent Make-up Pigment is a very high quality product.

Sterile & Disposable

Manufactured in a cleanroom with ISO 5 (NASA 100) & supplied sterile by aseptically filling process in accordance with ISO 13408-02 filtration.

Good Coloring

It's main materials are of inorganic pigments to keep you safe from allergies and biocompatible and long lasting color.

No Toxics

Compared to the other micropigments, SEPIA does NOT contain any toxic materials like paraben, phenol or formaldehyde.